How to find an eligible au pair for your kid

The search for an eligible child care provider at home is increasing day by day. If you are looking for an eligible au pair to look after your child, you need to know some tricks. Let us know how to find the right childcare provider.

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When it comes to finding an eligible au pair, you should start from your locality. There are several child care providers in your locality who would love to serve as an au pair. Therefore, you do not require to go outside your locality or out of your country to find the perfect au pair. Asking your friends for referrals can be a good option. You can even use newspaper or check bulletin boards.

You can research a few au care provider agencies. You can find out several au pair agencies who will help you find the perfect child care provider. However, these services are chargeable. These agencies charge because of airline fees, background checks and training for your new child care representative. In this regard, you can contact the Rainbow au pair agency to find the best candidate for your requirements. However, it is crucial to let the agency know your requirements. vivese senso duo

If you cannot find an au pair from your locality to work full time, you need to offer room and board. Besides this, you need to pay for auto insurance and outings if you ask  your child care representative to take your kids on. sérum make lash

You must prepare an agreement mentioning your requirements  and get it signed by the au pair.

Keep in mind that child care representatives are individuals who help you with childcare. They are not pet sitters, housekeepers, or babysitters. Therefore, you must treat them as a part of your family and must create a bond that will last for a lifetime.

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Strategies to reduce the risk of cancer

Although there is not much  we can do to prevent cancer, however, if you follow  a few instructions to lead a healthier life, you can drastically reduce the risk of developing any type of cancer. Here are some  guidelines to restrict this harmful disease ruining your life.

Quick natural ways to prevent cancer:

Avoid smoking: smoking is identified as the prime factor to cause cancer. It is not only responsible for lung cancer but also for various other types of cancer.Hence quit smoking and your body gains the benefit of being tobacco free.Second hand smoking is also proved to be dangerous. Second hand smoking is the smoke exhaled fromlighting a cigarette or from a smoker. This smoke contains carcinogens which interrupts normal cell development.This in turn causes the development of cancer.

Limit the intake of alcohol:  excessive amount of alcohol consumption every day increases the risk of developing different types of cancer such as lung cancer, liver cancer or liver failure.

Notice when your skin changes colour:  millions of people are the victims of skin cancer. To avoid this, try and avoid your skin getting exposed to the UV rays of the sun.To prevent this apply sunscreen lotion and wear protective clothes while going outside. You should also stay away from the tanning beds.

Eat lots of fruits and green fresh vegetables: a diet rich in green vegetables and fresh fruits can certainly lessen the risk of developing cancer. Green, orange and yellow vegetables contain antioxidants. These help in repairing your damaged cells. Some of the fruits and vegetables which contain the  anti-cancer properties are blueberries, grapes, pomegranate, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts , bokchoy and cabbage.

natural ways to prevent cancer

Avoid red meat and animal fat:  diet rich in animal fat increases the risk of colon cancer. Red meat is one such animal fat that is highly responsible for causing cancer. Therefore it is advisable to consume fish and poultry rather than red meat on a regular basis. Your diet high in fat is also the major reason for obesity, which is again a risk factor for cancer.

Correct physical exercise:  research has shown that exercising regularly is highly beneficial in preventing cancer. Exercise is not restricted to the gym only. You can exercise in any form such as swimming, yoga, dance, brisk walk, join a team sport, cycling or Rollerblade. These alternatives are a great way to keep you away not only from developing cancer but also from any other disease.

Know your family medical history:cancer such as colon, breasts, ovarian are hereditary. If you are aware of your family medical history of cancer, it will be easier for you to take precaution beforehand. Based on this type of cancer history there are counselling and genetic testing available now a days

Work environment:  if you are exposed to fumes, chemicals, dust and smoke there are high risk of developing kidney and bladder cancer. Mustard gas, arsenic, coal products, vinyl chloride, gasoline, nickel chromate are some of the dangerous carcinogens found in few work environment which can cause cancer.

There is nothing called rebirth. You have to learn how to live in the now. The sooner you take care of your health, the better it is for you.

Justin Brown is a fitness trainer and an instructor. He used to run a fitness training centre in Massachusetts a year back, but now he is working as a nutritionist at a reputed firm. He specializes in alternative medicines, dietary supplements and organic food products. Justin has also been writing on live nowfor quite sometime. He also offers exciting ideas on how to live in the now.

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